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Counseling Programs in Albany, NY

Hope House in Albany, NY has a wide range of programs and facilities to accommodate the needs of our individual patients, from general substance use programs to an outpatient clinic and even programs specifically for women and children.

Hope House offers Medication Assisted Treatment options for opioid use disorder, alcohol use disorder, and nicotine use disorder - such as Vivitrol, Suboxone and Probuphine. We believe in multiple pathways to recovery, including the utilization of medication to treat the disease of addiction.

For specific program information, please call each program directly. You can find their numbers in the tabs below.

For general information, please call our administrative number at 518-482-4673.

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Albany, NY 12207
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The Bette Center is a 35-bed, long-term, residential intensive treatment program for adult men with addiction or substance use disorders. The Center is located in Albany, New York and serves a diverse clientele who vary by age, race, and cultural backgrounds.

The Bette Center utilizes the ‘Stages of Change' model that enables clients to take the steps necessary to live successful, substance-free lives.

Stages of Change

Stage I Pre-Contemplative
  • When clients become acclimated to the treatment environment yet may still be reluctant to acknowledge personal problems and the need to change their behaviors.

Stage II Contemplation
  • When clients begin to recognize the negative impact which substance use has had on their lives and start exploring the consequences of their addiction and their ambivalence to change.

Stage III Preparation
  • When clients have decided to change and begin to plan their steps toward recovery.

Stage IV Action
  • When clients develop behaviors and coping skills that empower them to embrace their recovery.

Stage V Maintenance
  • When clients are prepared to re-enter the community with supports that reinforce their recovery goals.

At the same time, however, the Bette Center recognizes the individual needs of clients and tailors our services to their personal immediate and long-term goals and objectives.

At the Bette Center the length of stay depends on the needs and progress of the client and varies greatly.

Goals of Treatment

At Hope House, our core philosophy can be understood in terms of our basic goals of treatment:

  • To engage clients in actively thinking about how their substance use impacted their lives
  • To identify, feel, and express emotions without using substances
  • To identify relapse triggers
  • To rebuild family relationships
  • To develop problem solving and decision making skills
  • To obtain educational and vocational skills in order to become self-supporting
  • To manage co-occurring disorders such as anxiety and depression
  • To improve self-esteem
  • To establish a healthy heart network

Professional Treatment Services

At the Bette Center we care for the individual and help him to establish healthy relationships with family, friends and peers. We emphasize vocations so graduates have the necessary skills to obtain employment upon completing the program. Our goal is to help clients become substance free and independent.

Our services include:
  • Comprehensive assessment and education
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family programming
  • Seminars
  • Life skills training
  • High school equivalence exam (GED)
  • Educational vocational training
  • Discharge planning

Specialized services include, but are not limited to:
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Grief and loss counseling
  • “Criminal Thinking” workshops
  • “Seeking Safety” groups
  • Suboxone maintenance

While the Bette Center is not specifically designed to serve individuals with co-occurring substance use disorder and mental illness, our staff has extensive knowledge and experience in working with individuals who face these dual challenges.
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