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Stages of Change

Goals of Treatment

Professional Treatment Services

Why Outpatient Treatment?/ Getting Help


The Hope House Outpatient Clinic offers comprehensive evaluation, referral, and treatment services for people struggling with substance abuse issues.  Our multi-level treatment program allows us to serve diverse populations with varying levels of need.

The clinic is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals trained and experienced in various treatment approaches and techniques.  The Hope House Outpatient Clinic is one of many services offered by Hope House, Inc., which has served Albany and the surrounding area for the past 40 years.

Stages of Change
The Albany, NY-based outpatient treatment services clinic utilizes an underlying Stages of Change model that enables clients to take the steps necessary to live successful, substance-free lives.

Stage I  Pre-Contemplative
♦ When clients become acclimated to the treatment environment yet may still be reluctant to acknowledge personal problems and the need to change their behaviors

Stage II  Contemplation
♦ When clients begin to recognize the negative impact substance abuse has on their lives, and start asking why they made the life choices they did

Stage III  Preparation
♦ When clients have decided to change and begin to plan their steps toward recovery

Stage IV  Action
♦ When clients begin trying new behaviors that enable them to live substance-free lives

Stage V  Maintenance
♦ When clients fully accept and adopt these behaviors on a long-term basis

Hope House recognizes the individual needs of clients, and we tailor our services to personal, immediate, and long-term goals and objectives.  Each client’s length of stay depends on the needs and progress of the client of the individual.

Goals of Treatment
At Hope House, our core philosophy emerges from the basic goals of treatment:

  • To engage clients in actively thinking about how their drug use impacted their lives
  • To identify, fee, and express emotions without using substances
  • To identify relapse triggers
  • To rebuild family relationships
  • To develop problem solving and decision making skills
  • To obtain educational and vocational skills in order to become self-supporting
  • To manage co-occurring disorders such as anxiety and depression
  • To improve self-esteem
  • To establish a healthy support network

Professional Treatment Services
At the Outpatient Clinic, we care for the individual and help them establish healthy relationships with family, friends, and peers.

The goal is to help clients become substance free and independent.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive Assessment and Education
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Discharge Planning

Specialized services include, but are not limited to:

  • Grief and loss counseling
  • “Criminal Thinking” Group
  • Suboxone and Vivitrol programs

While the Outpatient Clinic  is not specifically designed to serve individuals with co-occurring substance abuse disorder and mental illness, our staff has extensive knowledge and experience in working with individuals who face these dual challenges.

Why Outpatient Treatment?/ Getting Help

Our multi-level treatment program allows us to serve diverse populations with varying levels of need.  If you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction, we have a program that can help.

The Hope House Outpatient Clinic offers a substance abuse treatment program that effectively meets the needs of man individuals, depending on the extent and duration of their addiction as well as any co-occurring psychiatric diagnosis.

Outpatient treatment may be a good option if:

  • You can’t, or don’t want to, quit work or take a leave of absence
  • You want to be close to loved ones
  • You can stay away from drugs or alcohol where you live

The Hope House Outpatient Clinic can provide individualized treatment so that you can get the care you need while still managing life’s demands outside of treatment.

The Hope House Outpatient Clinic also offers the option of treatment using medications – Suboxone and Vivitrol – which can reduce the cravings for opioid (such as heroin or prescription pain killers) and alcohol.

Medicaid and most major insurances are accepted.

Contact Outpatient Services at (518) 427.8207

“We focus on the whole client and their family rather than just the substance abuse.”

~ Kevin M. Connally
Executive Director, Hope House